listing ID # 28

10Kt Gold curb link chain

Price: NZD$


per Chain +

$27.50 Shipping to: New Zealand,

Half Ounce 10carat chain

1 Chain Available

listing ID # 27

40W 810nm high power laser diode bar array

Price: NZD$


per Bar +

$15.00 Shipping to: International,

Unmounted high power infra-red laser diode bar array brand new all from same gallium arsenide wafer. input 2Volts at 40Amps, CW. Price is per bar. Buy more than one to make stacks.

106 Bar Available

listing ID # 26

Kogan Atlas 10.1″ 2-in-1 D500 Touchscreen Laptop

Price: NZD$


per Laptop +

$19.50 Shipping to: New Zealand, International,

Kogan Atlas 10.1″ 2-in-1 D500 Touchscreen Laptop with Windows 10 Pro Model: KAL10D500HA Condition: Item is Factory refurbished back to “As New” possibly not in original packaging but condition A++ Warranty: 12 Months Seamlessly switching between a laptop and convenient tablet, this effortlessly versatile touchscreen laptop is an all-around powerhouse that doesn’t compromise on style or cost a fortune. Easily switches between laptop and tablet Ultra-sleek 10.1” display screen Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64GB EMMC and 4GB RAM Power more devices from 1 hub with ultra-fast USB 3.0 Intel® Celeron® Processor N3350 Micro SD slot, USB 2.0 and Mini HDMI Whether you’re researching for a project at school, presenting a pitch at work or browsing the web from home, the Kogan Atlas 10.1” 2-in-1 D500 Touchscreen Laptop delivers ultimate versatility with its two-in-one design while packing a serious punch with impressive performance. Conveniently convertible Perfect for presentations, gaming, travel or browsing on the go, this versatile device serves as both a laptop and a portable tablet. Use it at your desk with the keyboard attached or simply remove the keyboard to instantly switch to a tablet! Windows 10 Pro Experience flawless functionality with enhanced speed thanks to the Windows 10 Pro operating system. Access full desktop functions in laptop mode, disconnect the keyboard from the dock, and seamlessly convert to the Windows 10 tablet interface. Features Wi-Fi AC Provides wireless performance up to 3 times faster than previous generation Wi-Fi. Enjoy a stronger connection throughout your whole house! USB 3.0 With up to a 5Gbit/s transfer rate, stream or download media from your USB device faster than ever before. Micro SD Card Slot Expand your device’s storage with a Micro SD card and keep all your favorite music and videos on your device, available wherever and whenever you want.

50 Laptop Available

listing ID # 25

TG117 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Price: NZD$


per speaker +

$2.40 Shipping to: New Zealand, International,

TG117 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black) Waterproof by RMJV Brand T&G Model Name TG117 Speaker Type Outdoor Special Feature Portable Recommended Uses For Product For Music Players

50 speaker Available

listing ID # 24

HC-05 Bluetooth tranceiver module

Price: NZD$


per Module/s +

$0.00 Shipping to: New Zealand,

HC-05 Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module for Arduino Lots of info on the net for this common Bluetooth Module. * Size: 37 x 17(L x W) * Operating Voltage:3.3V - 6V * 3.3V Logic * Operating Frequency Band:2.4GHz unlicensed ISM band * Bluetooth Specification:V2.0+EDR * Output Power Class:Class 2 * Flash Memory Size:8Mbit Color:Blue * 10m Typical transmission distance -- Default COM setting: 9600, N, 8,1 -- Default Password/pairing code: 1234. -- Supports the AT command to modify the baud rate, device name, passkey, master/slave, etc. -- Supports baud rates 2400 -1382400. -- Based on the CSR Bluetooth chip BC417143 -- Bluetooth specification v2.0 + EDR -- Power supply: +3.3VDC 50mA -- Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band -- Modulation: GFSK(Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying) -- Emission power: ≤4dBm, Class 2 -- Sensitivity: ≤-84dBm at 0.1% BER -- Speed: Asynchronous: 2.1Mbps(Max) / 160 kbps, Synchronous: 1Mbps/1Mbps -- Security: Authentication and encryption -- Size: 26.9mm x 13mm x 2.2 mm. -- Working temperature: -20° ~ +75° Celcius -- Dimension: 26.9mm x 13mm x 2.2 mm

100 Module/s Available

listing ID # 23

1μm resolution TTL Linear Scale Encoder

Price: NZD$


per Scale/s +

$22.50 Shipping to: Australia, New Zealand, International,

Linear Glass Scale Sensor Milling Lathe EMD. Digital Readout& Linear Scale. Digital Readout Introduction Readout allowable input signal: TTL square wave. Readout allowable input signal RS485.

20 Scale/s Available

listing ID # 22

F-Theta Scan Lens 1064nm 200x200mm Focal plane

Price: NZD$


per Lens Assembly +

$72.00 Shipping to: New Zealand, International,

Features: Suitable for semiconductor, optical fiber marking machine, high performance. F-Theta scan lens Fxθ has good linearity and low distortion. Item Type: F-Theta Scan Lens. the collimated beam on the of a smaller area, increase the energy density of the beam, and improve the ability and efficiency of processing.

3 Lens Assembly Available

listing ID # 21

20kpps Galvanometer laser scanner

Price: NZD$


per Kit/s +

$11.50 Shipping to: New Zealand, International,

20 Kpps laser scanning galvo galvanometer scanners Set ILDA

25 Kit/s Available

listing ID # 20

CENAVA PA156 Notebook

Price: NZD$


per Notebook/s +

$282.46 Shipping to: New Zealand

[180GB SSD]CENAVA PA156 15.6 inch Intel Celeron J4125 16GB RAM 180GB SSD Backlit Keyboard Fingerprint Unlock FHD Narrow Bezel Screen Notebook

100 Notebook/s Available

listing ID # 19

TIG/MMA/PLASMA cutter/welder

Price: NZD$


per Welder/s +

$282.46 Shipping to: New Zealand,

120A TIG/MMA welder / 30A plasma cutter portable multifunction machine

25 Welder/s Available

listing ID # 18

6000W 50hz Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Price: NZD$


per Unit/s +

$11.50 Shipping to: New Zealand,

Feature: 1.High-precision circuit board. 2.Built-in intelligent control chip. 3. 6000W Peak Dual AC Output. Provide 6000W peak DC to AC power with 2 AC outlets, fully applicable for appliance under 6000 watts. 4.Universal three-hole socket, strong compatibility,most appliances are suitable. 5. Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Greater drive capability, better protection to sensitive equipment. Smart filter, no interference on the electrical, to protect electrical appliances. 6.Up to 93% conversion rate, reduce the conversion loss of 30%, increase 30% continuous power. 7. Multiple Protection. Built-in primary fuse and safe charging technology to protect your battery and devices. 8. Smart Temperature Control. -Cooling fans automatically start when the temperature exceeds 45℃ to prevent the inverter from overheating to extend the life of the inverter. -Alloy shell, light weight, good thermal conductivity, can quickly reduce the temperature of components, work long hours are not affected. 9. Multifunctional Digital Display. Color LCD screen integration. Can display the remaining battery capacity, input voltage, output voltage and load power. 10. Audible alarm. Once any protection of the inverter is triggered, the inverter immediately disconnects the power supply and the load enters a protection mode and reminds people through a buzzer reminder. 11.50Hz/60Hz Frequency Adjustable. Easily switch between 50Hz and 60Hz by pressing the button after power-on. Connect Correct Way: POSITIVE FROM THE BATTERY TO POSITIVE OF INVERTER and NEGATIVE FROM THE BATTERY TO NEGATIVE OF THE INVERTER! (+...connect...+,-...connect...-) Notice: 1. In case of failure or improper operation, an audible alarm will be triggered and auto power off. 2. Cooling fans automatically start when the temperature exceeds 45℃ to prevent the inverter from overheating. 3. The inverter voltage must be the same as the battery voltage 4. Before connecting the battery, make sure that the switch of the inverter is turned off 5. For security, the power of electrical appliances should be lower than the rated power of the inverter. 6. Product production setting is 50Hz, which can be adjusted to 60Hz.

100 Unit/s Available

listing ID # 17

E-TDA7396 Amplifier

Price: NZD$


per Integrated Circuit/s +

$4.50 Shipping to: New Zealand,

65W Amplifier IC 1-Channel (Mono) Class AB 11-Multiwatt

100 Integrated Circuit/s Available

listing ID # 16

TDA7391 Amplifier

Price: NZD$


per Integrated Circuit/s +

$4.50 Shipping to: New Zealand,

45W Amplifier IC 1-Channel (Mono) Class AB 11-Multiwatt

500 Integrated Circuit/s Available

listing ID # 15

Diamond studded gold ball earring

Price: NZD$


per Earring +

$3.50 Shipping to: New Zealand,

Diamond studded ball earring, 1 only, no matching earring.

1 Earring Available

listing ID # 14

Cubic Zirconia 16g threaded end for barbell

Price: NZD$


per Piece +

$3.50 Shipping to: New Zealand,

Cubic Zirconia set in surgical stainless, 16gauge thread.

1 Piece Available

listing ID # 13

Amethyst / silver earring

Price: NZD$


per Earring +

$3.50 Shipping to: New Zealand,

Silver dangling earring with amethyst, 1 only, no matching earring.

1 Earring Available

listing ID # 12

Barium Sulfate

Price: NZD$


per gram/s +

$1.00 Shipping to: New Zealand

Barium Sulphate refractory.

500 gram/s Available

listing ID # 11

UV 395nm wavelength LED panel

Price: NZD$


per Panel/s +

$9.50 Shipping to: New Zealand

UV exposure unit for photolithography. Hexagonal grid for better distribution of light at shorter distances.

5 Panel/s Available

listing ID # 10

Verify store

Price: NZD$


per Unit/s +

$0.00 Shipping to: New Zealand

Test transaction example description.

1000 Unit/s Available

listing ID # 9

Diamond Wire

Price: NZD$


per metre/s +

$0.50 Shipping to: New Zealand

0.08mm Diameter Diamond coated wire for slicing crystal wafers and cutting ceramics.

100 metre/s Available

listing ID # 8

Sodium Metasilicate - Pentahydrate Crystals

Price: NZD$


per gram/s +

$1.00 Shipping to: New Zealand

Photolithography developer for UV photo resist. Corrosive.

2000 gram/s Available

listing ID # 7

Ferric Chloride - Hexahydrate Granules

Price: NZD$


per gram/s +

$1.00 Shipping to: New Zealand

Corrosive etchant, dissolves many metals.

2000 gram/s Available